David Donahue

When working with David Donahue I did a wide variety of work focused on growing the brand recognition and online representation.
I coordinated photography shot lists and garment selections for national, on-location photography shoot campaigns. I also produced e-commerce and social media photography shoots which I then spear headed featuring online.
I developed a new corporate website, which is linked in the drop-down menu, which ensured content accuracy and appropriate design aesthetic.
I then researched online advertising of competitors in order to determine the best practices for art direction of product display ads. I then wrote weekly posts on Instagram and Facebook and then communicated with social media influencers.

Leading Edge Lacrosse

During my first college internship, I took over the social media accounts for Leading Edge Elite.
As the program’s photographer, I was responsible for uploading my photos and managing the Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as updating the team website.